Saturday, August 23, 2008

a wandering mind...

the view from the new office is awesome..

it does get bored at times, as the work is almost nothing..
in camparison..

it makes me think lots..

think in directions that I never knew that my mind could..

and look at people walking.. biking.. enjoying the hot summer days..

thousands of cars on the bridge.. how much gas, us people burn.
why not take public transport.

august is my public transport month..
not that I was able to stick to it throughout..

Olympics.. you distract me in the morning..
and make me miss the bus..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

They tried to make me go to rehab...

i said No.. No.. No..

this was a bit different from rehab, but worse I'd say..

does this occur to everyone else or just me, that especially in sri lankan society, once you are done school, you go to college/university.. once you graduate, the infamous questions that you are being asked is not about your accomplishments .. but..

when are you getting married!?!?!?!

especially the older generation.. amongst them would be the gossipy aunties.. mother gets influenced by the aunties, and father by the mother.. if there's a wee bit of a quieter moment in an expensive phone call from sri lanka to this side.. the first question that'd pop outa the rents would be.. ahh so now you should get married.. that would be the next 'thing' to do.

so who creates these 'things' for you, or who decides them. Is it something only for the fairer sex in sri lanka.. or would it be the same across the board..

I usually take it as a joke, and think it must be just a passing cloud for that week.. but it gets annoying after sometime, and makes me cut the conversations short to the bare minimum.. and the last words that I'd utter would be.. "please leave me alone, and let me do MY 'thing' mother".

Daddy fell into the pond

A poem I still remember from the elocution days back in the day.. when I made every excuse not to go to class..

Daddy Fell into the Pond.

Everyone grumbled.

The sky was grey.
We had nothing to do and nothing to say.
We were nearing the end of a dismal day,
And there seemed to be nothing beyond,


Daddy fell into the pond!

And everyone's face grew merry and bright,
And Timothy danced for sheer delight.
"Give me the camera,
quick, oh quick!
He's crawling out of the duckweed."

Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
And doubled up, shaking silently,
And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft
And is sounded as if the old drake laughed.

O, there wasn't a thing that didn't respond

Daddy fell into the pond!

-Alfred Noyes

Saturday, July 26, 2008

the second job...

Since school's over, I started getting bored.. even though I had a full time work week.. It's amazing how easy people get tired and bored of things.. especially me.. no wonder I hesitate to get a tattoo.. (not to mention I'm a chicken with the needles)..

Anyway, the full work week is busy, but mundane.. everyday seems same, with different shit to deal with. May be that's what work is. Weekends weren't that interesting either.. well since it's summer time, it is.. there's stuff to do outside and all.. which I did/do..

For a while I was contemplating on whether I should take on a second job. One of the days from the weekend seems to be spent doing nothing anyway.. so why not take another job just for one day.. time well spent, I learn something, and also extra cash (now that's always a good thing), and especially with high expenses past few weeks, that seemed like a great idea.. so after some deep thought (or may be not) I decided I will look into a very relaxing, calm, quiet position.. which I got.. and it fits perfect.. only few hours on a Saturday.. with a great view of the water.. I couldn't resist that now could I..

It's my first day at work.. and I'm loving it already. coz look what i'm doing sitting here journaling while getting paid.. mmmm..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

back from the la la land...

I'm back back back.. i dont know for how long, but today I thought, I am visiting my blog.. I didn't forget you my dearest virtual journal, it's only because other things kept me busy.. I know it's not a good enough reason..

absence was very busy and was an eventful time... hence would be the reason I couldn't so much as to sit down to jot down couple of words at least..

while away, your's truly wore the square hat and the black gown for the first time in her life, and walked on stage to complete the four and something odd years of agony and pain that almost all of us go through.. and it was a happy ending despite the sleepless nights.

The parents paid a visit to this end of the world as well.. entertaining them left me dead every night crawling into bed.. had to take time off from work.. and all the works.. dinners here lunches there.. shopping here.. site seeing there.. you know the rest.. oh well people it's all good. The best thing was the food and of course less money spent :D and more saved ha ha..

Saving the rest for another post.. hope you all are still safe with great health..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


you know the thing about it is, that it doesn't stop for no one.. sitting on my bed with the sound of the laptop fan along with my typing, everything seems to have taken a step back or stopped..



thousands of them.. some faded away and some still at the far corner of your mind within reach.. some you wish faded away and some you wish they didn't.. trying... trying so hard to remember or to forget.. why..

painful they may sound.. cherished they are.. not wishing anything was different.. as life takes you to happy places.. pinching and poking along the way..

Friday, April 18, 2008

farewell dolphin boy

the only deserving survivor this season was voted out last night.. he was almost unbeatable and needless to say he was my favourite.. great eye candy too btw :P
I'm pretty sad.. i kno it's not like i'm winning the million dollars right..
he swam like a dolphin.. and will surely be missed.. wish Ozzy could continue on but oh well..
you know what I was thinking, survivor being very entertaining as it is, it's one of the tv shows that teach people very bad morals like; lying, conning, cheating, misleading, etc..
Ozzy fan signing off...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recreational mishap

After forcing myself to come up with some kind of new year resolution, here I wrote about my step towards a pinch of recreation.. and trying to be fit as some may call.. after very random times a week, i'm still hanging in there in the loop and dragging myself to the rec centre.. regardless of the fact that the fitness-fairy is looking at me or not..

anyhoo.. out of the norms I thought I should go for a swim on a Saturday morning. quite chilly outside but meh, who cares.. I go for a swim.. swim more than I would on a weekday, jump in the hot tub for a little longer than usual as well (rather 8-10mins), and off I go for a shower.. While in the shower I felt light headed but didn't really care. Went to the locker room and start getting dressed.. i start blacking out.. things were becoming unclear and was becoming grey.. I knew it was bad news, I came out of the changing room and dragged myself to the benches near the lockers where more people would hang out.. unconsiously sit/lie down on a bench.. asking some lady for help..


I didn't completely pass out.. I was aware of everything happening around me.. by the time the first-aid girl came running I was getting back to normal.. low blood sugar may be she said?:S and gave me some gatorade sorta drink.. may be I didn't cool off the hot-tub effect.. luckily I didn't have to drive back home..

quite eventful and scary at the same time..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

of the knots

relationships are bitches.. they feel/look good when things are going great, but is freakishly bitter when things fuck up. the most interesting is when parents have a complete opinion on the kid's relationship status.. when single, not just rents but everyone else around them and you have something to say... not that they didn't have an opinion before.. they did even when you were in a relationship. but when single it seems more.. be a marriage broker.. hey my neice's cousin's brother-in-law is single too you know.. and looking.. so who cares..?!?!

i have no interest in gettin married yet and move in to the suburbs or anything of that sort.. just as mother seem to want me to..

I don't think settling down is as bitter as it may sound.. but boy don't they make it feel like it's the last thing you want to do before jumping off a cliff..

Monday, March 31, 2008

random quote

I heard...

"when I look at the love that you have for each other despite the things you are going through.. just seems that.. sometimes love just doesn't last the way you hope it will but.. if you get through that pain.. it'll last in ways that are more precious.. "
- Shane of the L word..

Friday, March 21, 2008

life hasn't been..

that interesting nor eventful lately.. didn't really have much to write.. nor did I have the time to get online coz despite the uneventfulness, i've been busy like a bee with everything and nothing..

roomy's away for the long weekend and I have the whole place for myself.. loving it.. feels like the old times when i used to live on my own. Good friday was spent with a friend downtown.. walking about.. greek food (yummoo!).. and shoe shopping.. (flaws flaws).. two girls at a shoe sale.. what more can one expect .. oh well.. good times..

recreation's going on still.. very randomly, even thought i'd like to have a routine, i haven't gotten to that part yet. I will eventually. May be I should start going for a salsa class or something. they are stupid expensive here I think, not that I have looked into any..

my randomness goes on..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

random fb stalkers

title says it all..

are people this desperate to talk to women? as soon as certain things on fb changes, a lot of people esp. male species have a ton and a half to say, to console, and even to make moves..

I should've known better to ignore friend requests from random nutcases..

I don't even know you.. and why are you worried about my life.. so sit on this n rotate!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

paranoid lefty

Even though the world is almost dominated by righties ~ don't gang up on me now :S.. I always thought it's quite cool to be a lefty.. there were numerous times I tried doing a lot of things (except eating) as a lefty.. writing would be the most important, out of all.. however I'm yet to master the craft of left hand writing.. not comparable to my regular writing, however in case of emergency it'd be helpful..

i think it's more of a paranoid-ling in me than the obsession I have towards being a lefty.. I sometimes think 'what if I were to be disabled and not being write from my right hand, and not being able to go about my everyday life without that hand' haha i know i'm weird..

oh I forgot I bat (play cricket - if I ever played) as a left handed batsman.. :D

Thursday, February 28, 2008

eyesight matters

my eyes are not the best, but I have full 20-20 vision and I do not need glasses to do my day-to-day stuff. but since of late (I mean like since last year) I've been getting headaches after a full day of work and every night it's headache medicine or else the whole night's screwed. So I go to the eye doc and he prescribes another pair of glasses especially for computer and reading purposes.. 'another' meaning yes I had glasses from before but never used them coz I hate wearing glasses to start with ::S:S. i know it's my own fault but oh well... anyway, the new pair was used for the first few months and then thrown away.. rather couldn't find or didn't bother.. and now I've been getting the daily headaches so I'm back to the geekness! but hey I have farsightedness or whatever.. so I only wear glasses for the computer and reading.. I always thought that kind of glasses are for when you get to your naughty forties.. i'm only half way there but argh~

compared to my friends, family, and co-workers, my eyes are better.. at least I think they are.. yesterday I went to see the eye specialist with a friend.. well not for me but for my friend.. coz the friend has to get a cornea transplant : it sounded scary but it's more popular (not just among adults, also among younger people) than I thought it is.. it's sad how a lot more people nowadays have to wear some kind of aid to see just to do daily stuff...

oh well... i think i complaint too much.. come to think of it, problems with your eyesight is no small matter..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the race goes on...

80th annual oscar's playing on the background.. whilst wandering around in the web, I was watching the glittery stars and their expensive couture.. getting nominations and gold men for everything and nothing..

anyhoo.. u know what I was thinking.. we do everything possible in our lives for what.. when we were small parents do the best they can, register us in best schools possible.. we like nutheads, go with the flow not to mention the crazy competition in schools with friends and also the parents.. anyways, after struggling for good quarter of your life we graduate from grade school and start the next race of college and university applications.. there goes another four years of reckless, sleepless nights with stupid ass-in-ments and the likes.. some drop out.. some have enough courage and determination or whatever it takes to get over with the four years..

some are still confused after that.. well i am.. I think most of u are too or no? lot of them think they have it all figured out with a flashy career n all that jazz.. most like me are still confused.. why are we leading this race of a life.. the crazyness, jealousies (word?), savings, bank accounts, tears, lies, haircuts...

why oh why... and the race goes on..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the world is full of...

male chauvinists? desperate fuglies? or just nutcases with no tongue brakes?

not venting.. speaking out loud i guess.. argh may be it is just venting..

where I work it's casual fridays everyday.. put on jeans n' a top, off I go to work every morning. But I make sure I wear decent.. anyways couple of months ago.. at work this fugly western-chinese man passed a comment.. 'crystal you look sexy today'.. i ignored and thought may be he couldn't find a better way or a more appropriate word to give a compliment..

last week was yet another stupid remark.. I go to the back.. that same employee goes 'crystal, i'm picturing you naked' ... I was like wtf? I thought I couldn't hear it the first time and was polite enough to pardon.. then he repeats.. so I had heard it right the first time. I was furious but managed to ignore the nasty comment and replied with a casual 'give it a rest man'.. spoke to the person I wanted to speak with and went to my desk.. other co-worker who heard it found it very awkward too..

I dont know I found it very uncomfortable. or may be i'm overreacting.. am I?

anyway... some people just need to get laid... or else desperation overflows to the point that if it wasn't at work he would've gotten a good one across his face..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

simon says...

young.. good are likeable.. n' you got a great voice..

.. i think it's probably the first time out of all seasons that i started watching american idol regularly. there's a lot of talent out there and also more freaks who shave their body hair just to be on tv..
anyways, this young fella David Archuleta was noticed by all the judges and the contestants, and i think he'd be a crowd favourite if he survive to go on to the next rounds..

hyped-up valentine

overrated it is.. very.. hyped up? a bit too much..

not saying i'm over the moon and celebrating it nor am i saying i'm not.. its just weird that.. coz.. aren't you supposed to be celebrating the love throughout the year and not just do something special on just one day? show that u love someone by buying chocolates, roses, expensive and sparkly stuff just on this day? its good.. but i'd rather have something sweet and simple done to show the love every week.. would mean so much than an expensive gift..

not mean to be bitchy and complaint about everything, but since everyone has their own little opinion about the over-promoted, and overly pumped v'day, i have my own opinion too now can I not..

happy valentine's day everyone.. don't get hit too hard by that cupid..

Monday, February 4, 2008

of sororities and shopping...

what's this blogging about weekends.. may be i'm too pre-occupied during the weekdays I don't pay much attention to stuff happening around me or nothing really happens.. heh

friday noonish, phone rings at work.. friend of mine calls and talks me into going across that night with a bunch of girls for shopping.. wooot! in my mind - there goes my pay cheque. that's one of my new year resolutions by the way, reducing the amount of money spent on shopping.. esp. shoes and clothes..

anyway inevitably I say yes sir! go home pack a few .. hit the road... the girls I had to hang out with were those sorority types that I hate the most.. I don't even know how to describe them I just know they are those annoying and bitchy kind, who sorta walks about five feet off the ground and live in a dreamy world..

'like' was almost the only word they knew.. for ex. 'my phone bill like was so like expensive, and like my dad like was not like impressed'..that by the way was an actual sentence that came outa one of them.. anyways that ain't my business.. however I think it was a big generalization and a stereotyping from my part.. when you get to know them it wasn't that bad. they were quite nice and i think have good intentions and a big heart inside... or not..

the weekend I thought will be a nightmare and one of the worst, didn't turn out that bad afterall..

for better or worse, I didn't shop 'til I drop... quite happy about that!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

junky stranger in the hood

last weekend was umm quite eventful.. the roomy and I drove to see some friends hoping to spend the saturday there and come back late.. alas it snowed like crazy and so we had to head back early afternoon as we didn't wanna be snow-stuck (word?)...

woke up to a sunday morning that was white outside.. but weird inside.. things at our place had moved.. I woke up before the other (as usual), and thought the changes were due to roomy's late night or something and didn't really bother changing them back.. roomy wakes up.. looks for OJ not to be found.. he claimed he didn't move anything, do any of the changes that both of us noticed.. by this time we were quite alarmed.. holy smokes!

somebody had come inside our house while we were asleep.. creepyness!

strawberries and bananas missing.. OJ's missing from the fridge.. towels in the washroom, a pair of runners, shaving cream, nail cutter gone missing.. we think we locked the doors like we always do.. but a stranger, a creepy and a junky one at that, had come into our house stolen wicked stuff, while we were snoring.. it gave me creeps and scared the hell outa me..

locks were changed with some hope.. what else to be done...

on a happier note.. giants won the superbowl. not that I was following nfl at all.. watched only the last two minutes and a bit of the celebrations..

Friday, January 25, 2008

bubbly buble & fun times..

been busy and had to return my new laptop coz it was not charging and so was defective. had to move back to my good old one and it's too old to do anything on it sigh!

anyways... went to watch buble in concert two weeks back.. the reason I couldn't blog for a while must have been coz I was mesmerized by him! I was never a huge jazz fan.. I listen to anything but the neck-breaking stuff anyways.. so yeah I always wanted to go see this guy. and so i did it was awesome! he was not just a great singer but also a great entertainer..

last weekend was nothing but fun! went across the sea to visit some friends and we had a BLAST.. we did nothing but eat, sleep.. and them trying to get me drunk :D.. me drinking shirley temples and acting as if I had a big girl ST. went to this nepalese(sp?) restaurant, and it was the best food in the world.. it almost tasted a bit like lankan.. just felt divine!
that weekend was just great and classic time with friends.. catching up.. and it just felt great to have that comfort level with people that you met not so long ago..

all will be cherished memories that i'll hold dear..

Monday, January 14, 2008

take care and BS...

I think all of us are used or accustomed to certain good bye clauses/phrases, be it email, texting, chatting or any other means.. a lot of it has been shortened.. tc for take care.. ttyl for talk to u later so on and so forth right..

so recently i was talking to a friend of mine who i've known for a long time and we were just catching up with each others lives on msn and the conversation was wrapping up. I had to go off and so did he. then it was the time for the good byes. I said my good byes with a take care and a budusaranai (a religious phrase - that I'd say only to family and close friends depending on the person and the situation), and gave regards to the family etc. He in turn says take care (tc) and bs, leaving me with nothing but a ?

After a few minutes I figured and he sorta typed (guessing that I was confused) that BS is budusaranai, just that everyone had made it short.. im like wtf?:S?!?!? BS is Bull Shit in my vocab and in many of the people I know but this is new and does not feel right lol.. I got this BS phrase on an email sometime back too in which I ignored for a typo or something like that and never bothered to question about..

Quite interesting and understandable how people have shortened words up for texting purposes and stuff, without realizing that BS is bull shit for a lot of ppl.. if there's no space for something like that in a text msg I'd rather not say it.. anyway that's just my opinion..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a pinch of recreation

since school's done (at least for a while), and it's wintery, I was thinking that I should get into a recreational activity of some sort. One reason is to make better use of my new-found free time, and the other is to be a little fit :S (if that's at all possible), and get rid of some of the unwanted fat forming here and there (too much eating duh!)
so anyway, off I go to the ymca rec centre that's close by to work and only about 15-20min drive from work, got myself a membership card with a smudged and blurry picture :S (they took the picture! not me!). came home with a whole bunch of brochures and leaflets. I think it's a good deal.. Even if it's a little pricier than regular gyms, this place has a fitness centre, pool, sauna & hot tub (great for my bitchy back!), and all the classes held at the centre is also included in the membership fee.

I started with swimming coz i didn't wanna jump into the gym and the whole works and become so sore that I won't be able to wake up for work the next day. Tried to get there before work and get to work after the work out, but that only worked one day. today I was too sore to wake up that early. that resulted in going swimming after work, which wasn't that bad but too many people.

It's been only two days, and i'm still pumped and happy that I finally got a gym membership. May be I'll join one of the on-going classes.. either pilates or yoga or something.. or else I'll just start gyming.. hopefully I wont break into two trying to be hard core and cool! :

we'll see how it goes.. at least it's a start... or else I'll need one of those work-out fairies..

Friday, January 4, 2008

Move in with the New Year

Happy New Year everyone~

I know I'm extremely late in wishing for the new years. Better late than never right? yes!
It feels like almost every year that goes by was shorter than the previous one. We are getting busier by the day and lose track of time i guess eh hmmm..

new year's was great. no huge bash or anything. just a quiet dinner at a downtown restaurant and a glass of wine. just the way I wanted it coz I was moving houses. no resolutions made as such, but the only thing i thought to myself is that I'm not going to buy any clothes for a long while, coz since moving places I threw out a lot of clothes one reason being that I don't wear half of them, and the other being that I have way too many and NO place watsoever to keep them. so no more clothes shopping for me! (let's see how far that goes right?!) About three garbage bags full of clothing are going to the second hand store or charity.

the move went smooth but hell-ish. why do people have to move. i haateee itt!! so fyi please don't move houses and stay where you are =). the old couch I had was too damn big for the little place i moved in and argh we had to throw it away, rather give it to the second hand store, leaving me with no couch!

I'm a victim of spine aches. bad posture? sleeping funny? horrible chair at work? whichever it is spine ache has gotten worse. the heavy lifting with the move, and long days made it worse for sure.

wet and ugly it is around here, and it isnt a down pour rather an annoying 'churu churu' rain. can't wait 'til the sun is more popular!