Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Shopaholic in me

me: Hi everyone, my name is crystal! i'm a shopaholic.

SA group: Hi crystal flame!

SA office: what made you attend the shopaholics anonymous group today crystal?

me: *starts sobbing* I had a no-shopping-February policy. But ended up slipping today. I need Mall-Repellent?


That's how it'd go if I ended up attending an SA meeting.  At times I wonder if I really should get my butt one of those. do they really exist?

In my defense, the boots were end of season, and I'm really saving money for the next Fall/Winter. quite the savings there. and the other was because it's almost Spring, and they were cute and comfy, andddd practical! yes!  well, there's more items, in this mini-spree, that I right now don't feel like justifying for. blueargh!


Me on February 1st

Me two weeks after

no more until the end of March! weehhh!

*image credit: google images

Friday, February 11, 2011