Monday, September 17, 2012

Fifty Shades

fifty shades of grey.  all 3 books in record time of 1 week.

the book was written so poorly. over repetitive conversations.  poor prose. editorial mistakes that even I was able to identify! typos. certain words used a billion times over and over and over again. free (or paid) publicity for Audi and BlackBerry!  but then again if one needs rich literature there are plethora of options out there, and fifty shades wouldn't be one of them.

 The writing or the story becomes a bit better towards the second book, I guess because then there's more of a story, or so one feels, or the reader just gets used to the crappy writing, plain and simple.  I've never read twilight (nor seen the movies) or a book that's adult oriented, i.e. erotica. So I can't really compare it to them. But i'm sure there's thousands out there and the sex in this book I doubt could be comparable to those of bona-fide erotica writers.  but why is this given so much attention and hype?  what's the fuss about?

He's a beautiful man with a fucked up soul in a perfect world. Is this what all girls want? probably not, but... no woman would run away from soothing and fixing a broken haunted soul, would she? he's so dreamy in the book and no wonder its selling million times over.  that's what women like, they want to be looked after, taken care of, pampered in and out, and loved unconditionally by a hot sexy man.  it does help that he's a gazillionaire who has no reservations when it comes to money, and yes sex!  where he got this money, only god knows..

white linen shirt and a pair of jeans has been my all time favourite for a man. that's what every man should wear.. thankyouverymuch!

 yes it's a far-fetched story, fantasy that takes you away from your real world, and it tugs your heart when reading the emotions.  super unrealistic.  dumber than door knobs at parts.  sex scenes gets boring after a while. and if you look beyond the sex scenes, focus on the simple plot or the lack of, and the heart tugging emotions, and the unconditional love between two people from very different worlds who's trying to make each other happy and find a happy medium is what keep you wanting to read more and keep going. so. flipping. addictive. the relationship in the beginning is all things wrong and you'd want to thump the stupid girl on the head. as the story unwinds you see and feel the chemistry and the electricity between steel and grey, and you become more comfortable with their relationship.  There's a definite infectiousness to the series.

I blushed, giggled, smirked, sighed, awwhed, and oooohed, and laughed out loud.
wanted to rip apart pages for the dumbness, wanted to scream and yell at the stupidness, almost wanted the stupid girl to get a restraining order against the obnoxious, and arrogant creep.

would I have paid for the book? No.

did I enjoy reading them? absolutely, from cover to cover.

it's literal crack, quite enjoyable nonetheless.

could you fall in love with a fictional character?  I suppose you could.

I don't know what everyone cries 'rape' about, all sexual scenes are consensual.

I can't wait til they (the hollywood peeps) cast for the movie.  will it be matt bomer the almost perfect looking christian grey who's actually gay in real life. After seeing the fake movie trailers fans have made, I think bomer would be the guy!

Imma go roll my eyes at my Christian Grey! lol

Laters baby!