Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sixteen Again

Okay this is so my month!

this month, not one, but two men said I look 16 (yes sixteen, not sixty)..

and one I'm pretty sure didn't want to impress me or get in to my pants, but the other doubtful.. especially since it happened in the hot tub jeez, what was I doing in the hot tub with a forty year old man.. let me explain here okay, I went for a swim and then jumped in the hot tub to relax and rewind, when the subject, a father of two (yes, I talk to strangers, sigh!), chatted me up... long story short (which was about 6-10 mins), by the time I got out of the tub, he's invited me to shop at his store, with discount!

so should that be called a hot tub time machine?

*why couldn't it have been a hot guy*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sri Lanka Highlighted

the absence for a month or so meant going on vacation. yes to Sri Lanka! this is so I'd reminisce throughout the year...

- It all started with the most amazing dumplings in singapore. thanks shorty!

- the initial gush of hot air and the feeling of being boiled and overflowing in my skinny jeans, right when you exit the flight

- just hanging out with parents, and doing whatever they wanted to, going wherever they wanted to take you - seeing the smiles in their face.. happiness!

- home cooked food

- surprisingly, just the few times of shopping.. and mom swiping the plastic. yay me!

- impressive selection of coffee joints in and around colombo, rather Tea joints in my case. and dude the coffee places amaze the balls out of me.. a coffee was more expensive that a starbucks frap. jeez!

- great lunch and quiet dinner dates with N, K, and S (separately duh!).. catching up on each other's lives.

- many coffee dates with friends.. and feeling rather godey not knowing where the watchamacallit veranda or the mews is..

- meeting B after years.. i will visit you there, i promise!

- random meet ups and interesting conversations with friends, regardless of the place and time... when I felt like i could bitch slap Timing and continents!

- thanks for the beach fix even if it was rather short

- quite interesting revelations by a close friend.. felt much closer after. thank you and i miss you!

- brought me a smile when people still had my phone number even after so many years and knew the call was from me. felt special!

- Another's engagement..

- When bestie came to see me just coz I have the flu, and the many long chats, even if there was nothing to talk.. it just felt good!

- the Acupuncture and ayurveda.. gah the sciatica!

- Night outs with different and random lots.. letting lose on the dance floor, I still got the crazy in me.

- Seeing the expression on her face when I said I don't really drink, and needn't drink to have a good time.. she was speechless, literally! and was she ever glad i didn't drink after the one night we had..

- driving for the first time in colombo, full throttle! exhausting..

- smiles, and the laughter over drinks and appies.. of old, real, genuine friends..

- most of all, I miss Amma~

May be the one time I felt I should move back, for good.  Feel like I'm missing out a lot, especially with family, as the parents get older.

'til next time..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bitch'n babies

So the first comes in the morning, talks about her two kids.. how the weekend went, how their sports and other activities went, who scored and who didn't.. dinner table talk, or one kid trying on mascara because of the fancy new mascara commercial on tv. etc etc. okay this is all fine dandy... until the next mom walks in, and bitches about her little daughter.. how she has started to show her personality, taking her (the mom) for a ride, and demanding certain things at the ripe age of 2.. to which C responds how her two kids act and how she'd try to discipline them. mind you discipline here would be "[insert child's name] go to your room and think about what you just did" or they'd have a consequence like "you won't be able to have your daily tv time or wii time" or whatever.. Who am I to be criticizing the discipline methods, I don't even have a kid.  okay back to baby bitching.. and then second walks away to do her business.. in walks a third, another mom of two.. hello first mom how was your weekend, what are your kids gonna be for Halloween.. take them to X park for the Halloween train ride, we did that last year and my kids luuurrrvved it.. goes on how cute the little one was in his pumpkin outfit or whatever it was etc etc.  or they'd go awh when they sleep how cute they are, I can just keep watching them all night long, my little darling angels..!!! 

mind you, now all this is happening while I sit there trying to work, pretending that it's not bothering me, while the proud moms chit chat about their bratty (or angelic) kids. 

now i'm sure my mother dearest would talk about me endlessly to her friends too!? eek.. and I don't think that stops even when the kids grow up now does it.. shudders! 

It's one thing to have kids, but another to talk about them constantly.  I know I wouldn't understand how and what you feel when you have kids.. your whole world would revolve around them, but others' doesn't. and please program it in your tiny little head there, that every time you meet a fellow mom or a mom-to-be, you needn't talk about your kids and terrorize the poor pregnant woman how many sleepless nights you had because the baby was crying, hungry, or sick.. I mean it's better than talking about politics but hey..

don't get me wrong, I love little bundles of joy.. squeezy mushy things.. but I pray to whatever and whoever's out there, that I never turn out to be a mom like this (if I ever become one).. ever..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


as the sun sets
through the drizzle they sat
drinking and sinking in the horizon
full of circumstances

meaningless words...

melted at his fingertips
leaving goosebumps

silently they said goodbyes
wishing things were different..
they will never be...
for there will always be