Monday, November 26, 2007

the matrix still alive?

haven't been following the NBA games very very closely but i am a fan of the fellas from phx (not the boobs but the suns).

The suns have been on a 8 game winning streak i hear and it seems to be going down the drain since the warriors today are playing extremely well and may be a little too good. I didn't even know that there's a game going on, thanks to the continious channel flipping I ended up on a dose of nba.

seconds to call it a night and seems like the warriors are ending the suns winning streak, and they couldn't play any better.. anways, is nash too old now or ellis' too young for the aging suns? oh well everyone has a bad day..

go suns go!

Friday, November 23, 2007

do you text and..

drive? It's crazy to see how many people actually text on their blackberry or cellphone whilst driving 100-120kmph. the reason I thought of blogging a bit about this was I was reading about this whole texting while driving thing and how it often causes accidents..

I had passed quite a few drivers who were driving with one hand while texting a message on their phone with the other.. this friend of mine does it quite often and it's scary when i'm in my friend's car sometimes.. I personally am guilty of reading text messages while i'm on a red light, but I do not text while driving. As soon as I get in the car I fix my handsfree gadget thingy and i'm ready to go! I try to keep my eyes on the road at all times.. as that article said.. it is a killing machine that we drive.. you are not just putting your life in danger but also your friends, family, and others..

so do you text and drive?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

duty calls you...

the one who would call me in the morning .. during lunch.. after work..
to see if i get home.. has to go away.. to a whole another country in a whole another continent..
the times we shared just hanging out.. numerous lunches/dinners and random coffee meet ups.. movies.. falling asleep at movies.. :P and everything else..
i will miss everything we did for the while you'll be gone..
may you be safe in the new lands you are about to conquer..

with all my love.. i thank you for all the care and the joy you brought into my life..

i'll miss you! come back soon..

Monday, November 19, 2007

unwanted babysitter

the whole living alone thing is great and i'm loving it.. no need to tell anyone where i'm going.. take the keys i'm out the door.. no curfew yet no specific time to be home at.. eat, clean, do laundry and do everything else when and how I want.. walk naked if i wanted to (not that i do that :P).. in other words i'm wthout a doubt loving it to bits right now..

but the mother wants me to have a room mate.. or my previous baby sitter aka the cousin.. it's not that i dont love/care for the cousin or nething.. i do, and i'll always will.. but i can do my own things now and take care of me.. have been doing it for a while.. and why now.. say even if i lived with the cousin and sacrifice a little bit of my new found freedom, i dont want that person to be my baby sitter.. mother suggests that the cousin go with me for dinner with my friends at night because it's too dark to drive back.. wtf? am i to take someone with me even if that person's not invited..

I know mommy dearest suggests these only because she cares and wants me to be safe etc. but i wish they understand i'm not a baby anymore and i have my own life to live.. and i completely hate to make my life a big brother watching episode, nor someone following me around like that tail jolie wears in beowulf..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

kottu time

the tiny little sri lankan restaurant in town (one of the few) wasn't even open when we went there today. the owner or the chef sorta guy just pulled in and opened the doors, and the 'open' sign wasn't even lit up. we were craving kottu so badly and the thought of lamb rolls appy was salivating our mouths before even going inside the restaurant.

Why do we crave for kottu so much and wouldn't mind driving more than half hour to the sri lankan joint that's almost on the other side of town... it's almost like our traditional food. I find it funny when friends or just acquaitances ask me what's your favourite food from sri lanka or what kinda food you often eat, first thing would be rice and curry for sure, and then is 'kottu'..

Even if today's kottu can't match for the good ol' pillawoos kottu and cheese rotti, this was heavenly... looked almost like this...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Bliss

We've been wanting to do this for a while and I haven't actually done this before, so I was quite excited for this blissful spa hopping and was counting days for the Saturday even though we didn't have an appointment scheduled beforehand :D. Anyways so, my friend and I called up on Friday to few spas and it was difficult to get an appointment in such short notice and especially in the weekend. I didn't know that people go for spas this much.. coz i swear we called more than five places to get an appointment..

However, we were able to squeeze in an appointment in one of the spas downtown. It was quite high end I'd say but reasonable. Since I haven't been to one before I didnt really know wot the hell to expect. We were to go in this infrared sauna thing, it was great.. then shower.. then the one hour massage.. omg that was pure bliss.. euphoric. the hour felt like forever and wish it never ended.. so relaxing... all the back pains I had because of the stupid chair I have at work, vanished!

It's a great few hour getaway and a guilty pleasure I'd say... not so blissful on the wallet..
however.. I'd do that again!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

lost, toilet house, rain

Feeling very lethargic when I have stuff piled higher than me to complete.. too lazy to at least start on... just like gutterflower said I'd do anything to stay away from books..
weekly dose of survivor was interesting, but one of my fav's was voted out.. crappy.. oh wel i wont win the million bucks anyways..

y do i feel like a lost soul or some wasted space.. people who are closer to u get upset for the simplest thing that one would think they wouldn't..

while at work i was reading Mr. Toilet has built a toilet shaped house.. how gay to spend that much time, energy, and money on building a toilet house..

need to work on the academics in a serious manner.. i need someone to drill it into my head or something.. weather's been crappier than ever, and it gets dark so soon and the drive back home from work is horrible.. dark and pouring rain..

may be I should hide myself under the quilt..

Monday, November 12, 2007

A weekend ends

It always feels good to have a three-day weekend. I had big plans for the weekend. Especially to start on my final project that's due in less than a month. Procrostination is what I do best and starting the project was obviously the last thing I attended to this weekend.. so to start with I had a boarder line escapade on friday night with a friend of mine. gladly it ended at this side and we were able to sleep in our own comfy beds that night.

saturday came along still no sign of a project whatsoever, eventhough I had my equipment sort of laid out on the table. that's good for a starter now don't you think? drove for about half hour to see friends and pick some much needed equipment for the project. thanks to couple of friends i didn't have to buy those just for a month and a few. had lunch at nando's with my best bud, and another who was in town for reading break. then off i go pick up those stuff, go see cousin, go see my girl friend who I seldom see now. we did a little hair straightening session with her new bought straightner. it was the first time i completely straightened my hair. do some grocery shopping and drive home.. still no sign of a project.. saturday night was interesting, my friend was having drinks with his guy friends and got pissed for something off he drives over and was a bit of drama there. it's always good to have a lil drama in ur life now isn't it?!?

the morning of sunday I fix all the equipment together to see whether my network and the rest is actually working.. with some effort and twisting of wires.. voila! it is actually working.. me happy! off i go with a friend of mine, watch this hindi movie my girl friend recommended. it was alright, colorful as usual, and full of songs.. good for a change, as I haven't watched a hindi movie for a while. come home, sleep, sleep and more sleep.. haven't still started the write-up and there's more to work on the practical still..

monday being a holiday, sleep in! :D go for thai with a friend, do a little shopping come home and blog.. started the write-up and kinda clueless at the moment.. time to call the advisor..

a weekend wasted..

'til next time.. stay outa big trouble!


At times I wander why we are asked to do the stupidest assignments under the sun. I do understand and know that we learn so much from doing assignments, reports and whatnot. I'm someone who do not read prior to class, during class, nor after class. everything is right before exams and cram the hell outa it. so it's kinda good at times to have assignments to hand in, so that I know what's happening in class and what chapter we are on etc etc :D.

so regarding those stupid assignments... for example in this HR class i'm taking which is online, we are supposed to dismiss an employee from our workgroup (mine is completely imaginary), and has one part in the assignment that says:
"Make arrangements to “carry out” the dismissal with another learner in the class or with a friend. Do a role-play—it is important that you actually read the script to another person and get their feedback. Ask for feedback bla bla blah! "

do they honestly think that students are role playing to complete this assignment?!? r u kidding me? especially this one being an online class, and you dont have a face for any of the students nor to the instructor. anyways, this doesn't leave me a choice but to lie and fake it like no tomorrow, and write that I did the damn role play with a friend! yea right.. I completely understand the theory behind this whole role playing thing. students get the hang of it and it's easy when they step in to the real life.. it's understandable if it's a face-to-face class with a handful of students..

oh well... time to take a walk in to my imagination... sigh!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

fighting anorexia

While I was doing my online course discussion stuff after stuffing my face with rice and curry, I had the tv on and ET was on. I usually don't pay a lot of attention to it and let it run in the background while I'm on the computer.. anyways so tonight something caught my attention and they were talking about about this anorexic actress who weighs a mere 35KG. And now her tiny legs are peeling =S.. due to a side effect of anorexia.. holy :.. yeah it's the girl in the pic.. I felt so sorry for her coz now she's trying her best to gain weight and recover from her sad situation..

i used to be a stick and was a big time gastritis patient, and still remember the times my mom had to take me to the doc in the wee hours because of gastric ulcers and the whole acidic reaction thingy.. i used to be a gastritis patient not because i ever thought i was too heavy but because i used to share my lunch with friends in school and ended up not eating anything.. anyways, i'm over with it now and have gained one too many pounds and is thinking of hitting the gym but is too damn lazy..

on a more pleasant note, survivor is on tonight and this is it for the blog post because it's almost time for the show.. ohh there's an anorexic competitor in survivor too hmm!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FB and I

So this whole writing stuff on the walls, poking each other, adding numerous applications to the pre-templated pages, sending e-gifts to show you care etc. etc has been happening for quite a while now, and this bug caught me as well few months back. I honestly didn't wanna start being a facebooker and have been ignoring the tons of invites in my junk mail, but this brotherly friend of mine bugged me to death to sign up for this thing.. prior to that I had this hi5 account thingy, which is being ignored compeltely now with heaps of friend requests sitting there from complete random strangers.. I never was a fan of flikr, friendster, jaxtor or anything of that sort I dont know why may be i was scared of getting addicted..

anways... and yeah I got caught to that FB bug.. and fell for it.. oh wait not that deep though.. in the beginning I got hooked on to it, and was busy finding my long lost elementry school friends etc. checking up on what they are doing now, who they are with, schooling, working, have become pot heads or somthing! :S

as the time went by my addiction slowly reduced to a mere daily dose.. (compared to people I know who are glued to it) I plead guilty for checking my FB account at least once a day (not that bad huh?!).. and i do admit that it's probably as addictive as caffeine or nicotine or somthing, coz I'm guilty of skipping assignment and study time to wander around in facebook :S:S.. horrible..
i sorta do see the point of their existence, they help you keep in touch with your friends and make new friends etc. because you don't always have time to send emails to everyone, and this is a very convinient way of saying a lil hi here and there to say 'i'm alive and are you?'.. and it feels good to be poked by a friend who's seas away and haven't seen for couple of years..

but i'm quite paranoid when strangers add me, and all this while i didn't know that if i ignore their friend requests they don't know it (how uncool of me) until i read this article on msn yesterday (for which I can't find the link to right now). also i'm extremely paranoid to disclose or better yet publish my address, telephone no. etc (not that strangers are gonna come knock on my door, but who knows lol).. also, it's not just for teens and college students anymore. aunties, uncles, and also granmas are on facebook : woooot! yeah i know someone who's a grandma and has a facebook profile! (cool mhmm?)

anyways enough about time wasting sites.. it's still wet and ugly at this end of the world, and I'm yet to start writing my project which I wrote the proposal for a while back..

happy facebooking!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The 5 Maroons

I wouldn't call myself the biggest fan of maroon 5. How I ended up going for the Maroon5 live in concert was; this friend of mine all of a sudden was obsessed about going for music concerts (as he hasn't gone for one before), since we bought tickets to go see Micheal Buble. And since we'd have to wait 'til Jan to see Buble he couldn't wait until January to go see a concert LOL, so out of nowhere I'm invited to go see maroon 5, in which I had no choice but to go (I'm not complaining or anything).

It was AWESOME! as I said I'm not the biggest fan but the concert was just GREAT! I attached a tiny clip I recorded off my cam, and few pics. It's probably not even clear or anything but yeah better than nothing and one of my favourite songs of Maroon5. Btw, Adam Levine was so easy on the eyes yesterday with his new hair cut (rather baldness).

Can't wait 'til the Buble live in concert!