Monday, December 6, 2010


the caption of the video read:

  "The young girl in this video was sentenced to death by an Islamic Court because she did not want to marry an old man the family arranged for her. This is not Al Qaeda or the Taliban, but Muslims following SHARIA LAW!"

It was the most disturbing thing I saw, next to some terrorists chop off some captive's head few years ago.. 

the video today was of a woman getting stoned 'til death.  Kicked while she screamed for her dear life.. ending it by dropping a big cement block on her head... leaving her on a puddle of blood! it's way too disturbing to embed on the blog, coz I never want to see that ever again..

Now, the reasons stated on the email for such punishment could be far from the truth, but no one deserve to be stoned and kicked to death... regardless of the race or religion!

I petty you, whoever you are, who did that to her.. dogs! you will never know what awaits on the other side.. I hope the girl is in a better place now~

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Perfect Man

he's quiet..

he's sweet...

and if he gives you any grief, you can bite his head off!