Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Since I moved (yes, again) now I have a longer commute to work.  Don't ask me why I make such decisions, bluaergh! so anyway this longer commute result in more radio time to and from work. and i frequently listen to this one breakfast radio show - pretteeh interesting stuff.

one day last week they ended up talking about senator Weiner story, about texting or tweeting pictures of his wiener to women and little girls. this discussion turned in to about taking naked pictures of ones self and texting them to their bf/gf (i.e. sexting). the hosts invited the listeners to call in and fess up if they have any naked pictures floating around and if they send/receive sext.  many called, and pretty much they all admitted to either or both.

this 47 yr old mother of two calls in.. 'i'm on my way out to drop my kids at school, but just wanted to call in.. I do get sexts from my bfs'.. hosts ask how old are your boy friends.. 'the youngest one was 22, and it's kinda cute when they do that.. i'm a cougar'!!