Wednesday, February 24, 2010

of the Accents

I've been living in this land for approximately a third of my life. I think I grew up to be who I am now, in this country, and because of these sorroundings.. people.. environment.. and the rest. things are done differently here than I was used to. yes I did have somewhat of a culture shock when I first came, but soon enough I got used to it.. lived through it.. and felt a belonging.. as anything, every country has their own way of speech, or the accent I might say.

After all this time, is it abnormal to now have a different accent than sri lanka? after three and a half years i went home (yes I still call sri lanka home) for a vacation, and I honestly tried to talk like I used to. to take the accent back and talk like all my friends. I can't anymore. people would comment 'boy, do you have a thick accent'. I would politely smile and say Yes I do, and just ignore the looks I got.. i know what they must be thinking. look at this kalu sudda girl trying to be all this. I mean what else can I say. yes I have an accent, do you have a problem.. just deal with it.. it's how I got used to speaking here, and when you go about your life speaking to people in this country its a given that one would speak the way you hear it..

should I justify myself? I don't think so. Do I justify myself? I still try..


darn it i'm not putting it on.. nor faking it.. and i definitely don't have a polkatu accent when I talk in Sinhalese.. so sit on it and rotate!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


you sweep me off my feet
yet drop me dead on gravel
why at times I ask myself
is there an answer
I wonder

yet again you do the same
it hurts.. it hurts a lot..

how hard can it be
to make it work
is there an answer
I wonder

Friday, February 19, 2010


Few weeks too late, I know. But finally, I went to see Avatar on 3D.

I wasn't too thrilled to or wasn't really looking forward to, but I sort of had to by default to check out what all this hype was about. I'm not a big fan of sci-fi and don't really spend money on movie tickets nor time on downloading any sorta sci-fi movie, but this just had a crazy hype. I guess it was Mr. Cameron after all.

There was no choice of regular or 3D, they were all done with their non-3D show times, so yet again forced to pay more (for the styling 3D glasses) and may be a 3d headache.. off I went with a colleague to watch the blue men and the hunky sam.

Surprisingly (yet again could be a JC trick) it was good! I mean Okay.. I can see why all the sci-fi fans are all over avatar, breaking all the blockbuster records and making millions (not to mention that the prices of tickets are more expensive nowadays). The Na'vi s or the blue people looked so real - I guess they 'were' real in the movie. the emotions of the blues were depicted well I thought. the plot was whatever. quite predictable, and was more suitable for a hindi movie (according to my long time long lost friend - whom I agree with btw).

to re-iterate it was the JC effect, and glorified to the himalayas.. i wonder if it was worth that hype hmmm... Sam Worthington was Hot!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Quit

I thought I could.. started a bit of grad school.. I mean work wasn't all that busy, getting the hang of it and I thought I could commit the extra time I have on my hands lately, and I was super book happy etc. everything was very online and meetings were very minimal so what the heck I started..

a month and a half in to it, and there you have it.. all the life's unexpected surprises for you. First of all, it was way too much work for what I get at the end. You honestly have no life whatsoever, and have to completely commit your life outside of work to boring reading material and more the kinds that you dreaded when you were an undergrad. Then I get a call, I'll have to commit the next couple months of my life to family.. with them leaving their regular habitats and migrating along this way.. which one may not take in to account, but a shit load of responsibility on my little shoulders.. and thennn... matters of the heart.. and food.. and sleep.. and work got busier.. and I QUIT! yes I quit.. :(.. i quit school. Not the happiest right now. But I guess i didn't have a choice? :/ I know I'm trying to justify it, but the stress level wasn't helping.. with the million canker sores, the gastritis etc. etc.

I'm just a ball of stress!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleeping in? or not!

now I, can't sleep in! even on weekends, I either set the alarm (for like 8.30) or just always wakes up around that time. yea yea it's a little longer than my usual wake-up-and-drag-yourself-to-work alarm... but, i wish, i sometimes just wish that I too could sleep like my used to be roomies who slept 'til the noon hits or even later..

since work came along, the weekends always brings that erie feeling of, what am I going to do today. especially with the cold November rains, and winter blues.. either you dont have anything to do, or just don't feel like doing anything at all. sometimes it just hits you hard with wtf are you doing with your life? yea yea you've accomplished the usual shit, but where on earth is it going though you know.. argh yet to figure out.. that probably will be a whole another post or two if I really figure out what I wanna do that is..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

world is here...

downtown was stupid busy.. haven't seen this many people ever in this city..

feels festive.. nevertheless..

listening to bunch of guys playing poker.. drunk..

memories galore.. running through my head.. clean mean machine..

happy v-day.. dinner and a movie? possibly..