Sunday, May 30, 2010


weekends past

memories made

euphoric some

confusion prevails

wherever it takes me,

I seek sanity in you

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flat on my ass

after a real cold spell we had a really really good weekend, that requires no outer-wear during the day..

nice enough weekend.. sun was almost scorching, not as much as it used to be during the past few weeks in sri lanka. but it was hot enough to go to the beach.  off we pack with a change of clothes, towels, and skim board.. go to the beach. and pretty much the only thing I had in mind was to sit there relax..soak all the sun in.. have a drink, eat in the patio on the strip.. and come back home, may be with some gelato..

the other half wanted to Skim board in the puddles.. and luckily the tide was out, and there was perfect puddles for skim-boarding. sure enough we go to the water, i just sat in the sand enjoying and worshiping the sun god.  the other one was skim-boarding.. kind of!  forcing me to come and 'try' this sport I've never done, and only heard about it not too long ago.  so it looked fun, the water was only up to your calf may be, if not less.  even though I didn't prepare for any water action, i.e. no bathing suit... i thought, sure I'll give it a try.  tried couple of times, didn't seem to be getting the hang of it, and sure I kept on trying.. thinking I'll succeed at last :P.. alas.. the only thing i successfully accomplished was falling flat on my bum.  in slow motion, I threw the skim board to the water/puddle, and tried to jump on it to kind of surf/skim on the water.. off I go with a "thud".. flat on my ass!  Just like I would on the ice i.e. second day of snow..

long story short..

after several rubs, sprays, and a doctor's appointment later.. I'm not broken, tail bone's intact.. severe pain killers, anti-inflammatory type medication after meals.. still walking with a limp.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Remember Me?

No this isn't anything related to the new movie which the Toilet actor starred in.  Well, really I do not know if it's related at all, since I haven't watched the movie.. (yet).  'Remember me' that is.

anyway, the other day whilst browsing through the isles in the small library close by, I came across another Sophie Kinsella book.  The author of the shopaholic series.  Yes they sound lame to the eye of the lit wankers, but it's an easy read on a sunny day.. relaxes your mind.. it's not my ideal book either.. but you don't need a dictionary to know the meaning of every second word.  I decided to borrow the book and quite frankly I liked it.

I do not think I've read any of the shopaholic books, but have watched the chick flick with borat's wife in it. anyhow, this book "Remember Me?" was about this girl who was a newbie sales agent, who's climbed the social and career ladder to the top within too few years, has lost her memory of about 3 years due to a car accident... and soon she realizes how much of her 'life as she knew it' has changed within the past three years, since now she remembers zilch.  whilst reading, I was thinking, this is exactly what I need. I want to know the future tense of my life, without having to really live it... and to walk every step of the way..

how I wish, if I could just close my eyes, and wake up in a few years.. when all of this, will look like a passing (passed?) cloud.. dream in to reality~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Falling a thousand feet per second

Perfect - by Hedley

One of my favourites.. on the drive to work.. gives me tears.. every time..