Wednesday, October 31, 2007


oh yeah! it's that time of the year again. pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, scary/funny/hideous outfits, trick-o-treating, candy, candy and more candy... It's been quite a few years since I've been accustomed to this awkwardly crazy tradition (so I think), and I haven't gone trick-o-treating once in my life, nor have I dressed up to look anything halloweenish. But have given out candy since I didn't want to get egged by the trick-o-treaters. So about this crazy little celebration, I think I read in one of my classes (few years back) about how halloween came about, argh don't wanna bore you guys with that (not the fact that I don't remember). anyways here's wiki's halloween for anyone interested...
People wish you saying, "Happy Halloween". But what's happy about that when the celebration is all about ghosts, skulls, the dead, blood, and darkness. What's so happy about scarying the crap outa people? hmm I wonder. However, I do think that little kids dressed up in costumes is extremely cute, but egging by those teenage brats aren't.
There are so many costume parties etc. happening in town and heaps of people (young and old) are in extremely interesting costumes. About sri lankan halloween, I read/saw that halloween is a big celebration in sri lanka as well, with costume parties and whatnot. Interesting how lanka is getting accustomed to the western traditions... nice.. i liiiiike.. highly doubt that I'd pay a visit to any of those... may be dressed as a pumpkin!

Monday, October 29, 2007

dedicated to you - malli

I call him malli, but he's not. Age-wise he's actually about 5+ months older than I am. Not related to me in any way (as far as I know). The term 'malli' is from what his parents/family call him, and I got used to it since he felt like family to me, or even closer. We've been friends for a long time, hmm since we took classes together and our special friendship is about 6 long years.
We had our ups and downs, you've cried to me so have I. Many happy times, few heartbreaks, but yet you and I have never fought nor have we stopped talking. Even though we live miles apart and see each other may be once a year or even less, we always have been able to keep in touch this way or the other. One person who's always been there for me, have had faith in me, and encouraged me in every way possible. The lamest jokes we cracked and the little inside jokes we had made it all the more fun and memorable.

He's someone I'll never fall for, nor would I secretly think the other way around. Thank you for taking care of me, being there for me, and more than anything listening to me..
I miss those hours long phone calls (that sent home five figure phone bills), in which we talked about everything and nothing. I miss watching movies, the movies we both loved. I miss those times we just hung out and talked about life and where it'll take us, and where we want to go and what we want to become.

wish you were closer...

I miss you!

Friday, October 26, 2007

winter's knocking

It's almost the dawn of winter in this corner of the world, and I hate winter with a passion. Having grown up in Sri Lanka, I'm still craving for the sri lankan warm climate, even though we grumble everytime we go out in the sun and start sweating like pigs. Come to think of it, we grumble for every weather, regardless of whether it's warm or cold.

anywhooo yes! winter's knocking at the front door, while summer secretly ran from the back door. I realized it this morning when I went to my car, already few minutes late to find out that the windows/windshield is freaking frosted!!! I had to switch on the car and crank the heater full blast, find my frost/snow scraper thingy and do the necessary so that I could see. Front and back both!!! I was screaming inside since I was already late, and so mad that the damn building is covering the sun. Sun wasn't even winking at my car, if it did I wouldn't have to be scraping at eight in the morning with NO GLOVES!!! and that wasted five minutes of my time, leaving me nothing but rush to work in the damned traffic and eating my bagel inside the car and trying not to look like I'm stuffing my face!

A colleague at work pops in this morning saying, ohh it's the first day of frosty grass! meh!

hmmph! may be I should find another parking spot. Or leave home ten minutes early everyday 'til winter ends?!?

Skin Deep

A friend of mine emailed this link to me. Check out this link to the "Skin Deep" website:

This awesome website outlines dangerous chemicals that are potentially hazardous to your health & the environment BUT can be found in your cosmetics, soaps, shampoos etc. It also allows you to check out how your current cosmetics hold-up to chemical tests ...which is awesome! I dont know how true these are and what/how/who rated these cosmetics on what basis etc. but it's worth the read to see how dangerous your daily usage of face paint is..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

just a phone call

I know I shouldn't be getting my hopes up and everything, and I wont. But that was one phone call I was patiently waiting for, wonderng whether I will get a phone call from them at all or will it be just one of those things I applied for and never heard from. It was this job/training program I applied for and it's a big deal for me. And I need it badly, so badly that I don't know what I will do if I get accepted. And here I'm blogging about it without even getting accepted or anything, but jst that phone call for a mere phone interview has gotten me excited. So I scheduled an appointment for an over the phone interview with them for first thing next week, and hoping it'll all go well. If they want me for an actual physical interview I'd have to fly somewhere else, for which I'd be more than happy to do since I've never been there and it's an opportunity of a lifetime...

oh amber, how I love thee for that phone call.. wish you knew how much it meant to me.. (fingers and toes crossed!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

life of mine... not

Yet another twist in my life or i wished it was a twist but the rents involved and made the choices for me which left me with no choice at all in my life. thinking back of how i had freedom to choose who i want, and how i cant get out of it now coz of my parents as they have come to love the other more than i do or more than they love me. i thought im the one who's choosing to be or not to be with someone.. and that is not a question that i have the power to answer for as the power has been taken away from me by the almighties. i thought i can at least choose who to spend the rest of my life with but hmmm.

as tears roll down my face.. i sit here and wonder y people dont understand and think of things the way i do.. this isn't wot i call life..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

wet and ugly

summer went by so fast that i can hardly remember anything i did. and yet again it's that time of the year, when it's ugly, gloomy, and wet. love the gloomyness when I stay in with a good book and a hot chocolate. Hate the roads when it's wet and hate to drive when it's ugly. can't see anything, being the great driver i am (lol) running over little puddles and not seeing where i'm going..wet and ugly..

not my favourite time of the year..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

come back

no i didnt forget about my blog.. i remebered it at least once every two days.. just didnt have time to get around it and write anything.. nothing interesting happend i think, now that i think about it i dont even remember whether anything interesting happend that's worth writing about..

many outings.. many heartbreaks.. sadness and happyness at the same time.. and random desserts downtown were among them. wish certain thigns were different.. may be i should have kept my blog closer to me, which I think I'm planning on doing..