Saturday, July 26, 2008

the second job...

Since school's over, I started getting bored.. even though I had a full time work week.. It's amazing how easy people get tired and bored of things.. especially me.. no wonder I hesitate to get a tattoo.. (not to mention I'm a chicken with the needles)..

Anyway, the full work week is busy, but mundane.. everyday seems same, with different shit to deal with. May be that's what work is. Weekends weren't that interesting either.. well since it's summer time, it is.. there's stuff to do outside and all.. which I did/do..

For a while I was contemplating on whether I should take on a second job. One of the days from the weekend seems to be spent doing nothing anyway.. so why not take another job just for one day.. time well spent, I learn something, and also extra cash (now that's always a good thing), and especially with high expenses past few weeks, that seemed like a great idea.. so after some deep thought (or may be not) I decided I will look into a very relaxing, calm, quiet position.. which I got.. and it fits perfect.. only few hours on a Saturday.. with a great view of the water.. I couldn't resist that now could I..

It's my first day at work.. and I'm loving it already. coz look what i'm doing sitting here journaling while getting paid.. mmmm..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

back from the la la land...

I'm back back back.. i dont know for how long, but today I thought, I am visiting my blog.. I didn't forget you my dearest virtual journal, it's only because other things kept me busy.. I know it's not a good enough reason..

absence was very busy and was an eventful time... hence would be the reason I couldn't so much as to sit down to jot down couple of words at least..

while away, your's truly wore the square hat and the black gown for the first time in her life, and walked on stage to complete the four and something odd years of agony and pain that almost all of us go through.. and it was a happy ending despite the sleepless nights.

The parents paid a visit to this end of the world as well.. entertaining them left me dead every night crawling into bed.. had to take time off from work.. and all the works.. dinners here lunches there.. shopping here.. site seeing there.. you know the rest.. oh well people it's all good. The best thing was the food and of course less money spent :D and more saved ha ha..

Saving the rest for another post.. hope you all are still safe with great health..