Sunday, January 31, 2010

my first Rodeo

Is there any better way to spend your Saturday night?

The boy friend, had bought me a ticket to go see the Saturday night professional bull riding championships. I didn't know such thing existed in this area.. and never been to a bull riding event ever. TV was the channel I knew about them and I was pretty skeptical when he said that I'm going (yes I was forced to go with them) for this thing on Saturday...

One of the guys who'd gone the day before was grumbling that it was boring, so he was a mood killer, and I almost wanted to stay home but reading my text book looked way more boring! and this was the day of the 'finals' apparently., and it was indoors (in the middle of a winter) so off I went to this thing with a bunch of guys..

as a matter of fact I should say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. great seats! It was quite entertaining. I've got to say the bull riders (the hunky cowboys!) are extremely brave to get on that bull who looks like it's on some kind of steroids.. I would piss my pants to even go close..

unfortunately didn't have a camera.. but I'm so glad I went to check out what it's like. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I had no clue of how they were judged, or where these people were from etc..

thank you google images

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No Purple Pinky

everyone has a purple pinky, or at least have pictures up with a purple pinky. I've never had one.. never ever.. wahhh!

I was registered (at least I hope), and I believe received the chanda card by mail, but I don't live there. argh I forgot that I could've done a postal vote thing when I was vacationing last month.

I know nothing about politics, and hate it with a passion. so i don't give a fuck. But, I gathered from my little visit last year that Mahinda looks to be the lesser idiot of the two. and I didn't know that there were 22 presidential candidates LOL. Thanks to the department of elections government website. I mean twenty two?!?! Who are we kidding.

Like always, the elections are a Joke!

It'll be interesting to see who wins..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Calling for a Siesta...

After lunch with the girls and the doctor of another kind, I was feeling quite sleepy. you know, I wish we had a siesta time like some of the south American countries do. there's absolutely nothing I did today that couldn't have been done from home. argh how I wish I could just call it a 'work from home day'.. unlucky enough we don't have such days!

today I realized how much time I have at work that I actually do nothing. the boredom hit me so hard I was almost falling asleep. just some days i wish i had a modified work week then i can finish it up and go home, and may be do something better? if there's anything else!

i guess i can't complaint.. meh!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two week getaway

The trip was might I say Fabulous! especially an escape from the cold winter for two weeks felt like heaven.. but dude was it HOT.. and yeah because i was going from the single digits to the upper twenties within twenty four hours.

anywhoo... was great seeing my family who I haven't seen for over three years, and friends.. whoever's left in sri lanka and the ones visiting for Christmas. I should say, Christmas/new years was a real good time if you wanted to do a reunion or whatever.. all the birds looks to be flying homewards during that time. I was amazed by how many random meet-ups I could fit in with my 'global' friends..

inflation rate in sri lanka has gone to dogs i say! i can't believe how groceries, clothes, transportation, or rather everything has become so bloody expensive. How do people afford to live? When I was planning my trip I thought I would shop my socks off and get great deals, save lots on clothes.. ahh nah! that wasn't the case. the savings weren't by much if at all. people complaint how stuff is so expensive, but odel and the usual shopping places were packed.. i guess it was Christmas! I was just amazed at how cash flew out of my wallet in a matter of couple hours.

what's with everyone running to coffee shops to spend rs.400 for a coffee. So a friend and I planned an evening together and we were too early for dinner.. his sister had recommended one coffee bean, and off we go to "hang out" for couple hours before we went ahead with dinner plans. I paid rs800 (including tax) for two lattes and I swear i can buy two lattes at Starbucks or in another coffee shop in this city for the same price! mind you, the minimum wage here is $8 something an hour. how do people in sri lanka afford all this!?!?! but I mean it's a good thing that there are several 'hang out' places like that in sri lanka that the young-ens could just chill, and don't necessarily have to have a meal with friends..

All in all I had lots of fun. caught up with at least a few. hope to plan another trip this year.. may be!