Monday, January 23, 2012


argh 3 am alarms
running across borders

coffee gives a headache
so sticking to 10 cups of tea
few too many bathroom breaks

barely keeping my eyes open
'I need toothpicks'
he asks 'what do you need toothpicks for?'

darling, did you never watch Tom and Jerry..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Never too late.. Happy New Year!

  • new year crept in so fast, i couldn't even blink.  
  • Christmas break went by even faster.
  • mommy dearest is visiting so I've been busy running around like my head cut off
  • ate too much of everything.. turkey, stuffing, chocolates, and more chocolates. 
  • 'parents' met 'parents', and other relatives.. all went a-okay!
  • a bit of bonding time for darling and mommy. 
  • My place looks like a home now. 
Happy New Year darlings.. may you get everything you wish for this year..

*be careful what you wish for!