Monday, April 26, 2010

Open Marriage

Polyamory looks to be the new trend on the market of relationships.. few weeks ago I stumbled upon this, and thought it was quite interesting, especially how these are related to a specific age group and such.

This week's episode of House, also had a take on the same subject.

Didn't know that this many people are unhappy along the path of their married life. I guess most of them do it, but without the knowledge of their partner.. i.e. cheating~
but this way it's out in the open, nicely laid out on the table..

seems unrealistic?!?! .. must be healthy, if it's on the rise.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was attending this sri lankan dinner event couple of weeks ago at one of the lankan family residences. They were obviously very nice people, given that we were invited for the dinner only after a brief meeting at a grocery store. how sweet! anyhow, we arrive on time, kind of, and after the usual awkward greetings.. we set to the usual chitter chatter and getting to know the people and feeling comfortable etc. the reason for blogging wasn't any of that, but just a conversation that came about..

the lady of the house was explaining an encounter that her daughter had couple days ago at this department store. So apparently the daughter, who's pretty fluent in sinhalese, heard another family speaking in sinhalese, and thought she should go up to them and talk. Even though there's a big enough community here, it's very unlikely that you see lankans randomly on an every day basis. So she walks up to them with a welcoming smile and goes "auntie lankawenda?" It's quite obvious they are lankan since they were speaking in sinhalese =s, but for a conversation starter yea sure.. so the dumb founded woman being questioned goes.. "oh no no we are from India"..

wtf?!?! You understood the question to answer to it.. yet too ashamed to admit that you are from where you are.. or just too snobbish and don't want to get to know another one of your kind..

oh dear.. the people from the land like no other..

Monday, April 12, 2010

lives entangled... II

they meet at a party. introduced by friends. she falls in love with his guitar and the strings. she flies off to a no man's land and all she thinks about was the guitar and the hands. he was a skunk, she seize to realize. the true colors don't come out when you are oceans apart. friends try to make her see the truth, and get some sense in her heaed.. she deserves better. love again makes you blind. blind as a bat.

he calls her fat, and ugly too. she wails and cries to the friend so close... still blind.. and may be deaf too. was it mentioned, he was a skunk? sends him money, gifts galore.. many by request.. a guy asking for gifts? and says i'll marry you if I don't find anyone else next year.. who says that?! really!

she thinks she can't and won't find another.. another man to be with. come next year, he hasn't 'found' another girl, unfortunately for her. and yet again, hidden agendas of jumping shore.. they get hitched.. beautiful wedding, and the works.

here's wishing a happily ever after..

p.s. he still is a douchebag..

Saturday, April 10, 2010


she's frail.. she's brittle..

fragile too..

she cries out loud..

dried tears and weak sobs..

still fogged outa mind..

feeling eternally clueless.

Monday, April 5, 2010


glasses shatter

window panes too

to open my eyes to clear blue skies

or sleep forever with a peaceful mind...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

lives entangled

He has it all. A good job - safe, secure, good pay. Fancy enough car - fancier than most, house, a family that cares. Plays for a good league in the kingdom.. and is living the life. then he meets her.. a med student from a former soviet union country, jumps to the kingdom for the summer cash. takes him for a ride.. literally a ride. he thought he had it all.. the life, and the hottie on his arm.. hopes of wanting his fairy tale. her intentions weren't the same. she took it all in.. and nothing in return. dumped him to chew the last bits.. left him in the dump, and found her happily ever after with a kiwi.

time healed the wounds, he found another... hoping for another perfect story? she too looked perfect, sounded perfect.. but a slimeball.. belonged to another man - literally. but now she was carrying His child. he sits and thinks, why god why me.. i have faith in you. but why do you punish me this way. he thought he'd give up on love.. the only thing he was missing.. that kicks him in the gut everytime he thinks he got it in the bag.

fuck it all, says yes to a paper ad... yet again another woman with hidden intentions of jumping ship to the kingdom. blinded by all the crap he went through, and for the wrong reasons, he gets hitched. with no friends by his side.. feeling like a stranger in a foreign land, but a fairy tale looking wedding... brings the new bride home. time, yet again fooled him.. and the wrong reasons faded away.. true colors pop out. he started hating his life.. couldn't live the lie anymore.. moves out.. divorced parents taught him the consequences earlier on.. and vowed not to ever think of that option in his life. but now.. that looks to be the only one available, to let him live his life..


I thought i was in a rut.. but love always seems, and never fails to take you down with it.. when it falls out.

with love,