Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destination Sensation

while I was away..

in pictures...

titanic moments..
with the fishies
from afar
crystal blues - those pictures I saw as a kid were REAL

colors of the beach
say no more
isso - yummo!
another titanic moment...
breakfast table

Everything was surreal.  I just want to go back.. crystal blue waters.. white sandy beaches.. food.. shopping.. and the never ending sea..

in the lonely hours

lifeless I am

hearltess you are

times have changed

tables have turned

why this much pain

would it ever pass?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Nightmares of Wisdom

So I went to the dentist with a very positive and might I say brave face about two weeks ago.. came out all swollen, bloody, and numb.  Drugged myself out with the antibiotics and painkillers (which made me throw up the next day - and made me switch to regular ibuprofen type thing).  Just when I thought I was healing fine, and getting back to normal - the crazy pains started.  It was i'm telling you, was the mother of all pains. I thought I was going to die with the pain, as a matter of fact I wished I died..

so they figured I have "dry sockets" in both my lower sockets where they took out the stubborn wisdom teeth, and had to put some clove oil type packs.. apparently my stupid clot had disintegrated and gone missing, leaving an empty socket and the naked bone behind with its lonesome self and the deathly nerve..! arghhh the pain!

anyway, a few trips to the dentist, and few pack-re-pack business.. I'm on to some longer lasting dissolving pack right now - still with very bearable pain. Hopefully getting back to my normal self, and eating regular people food, as opposed to Mush.

All packed, and ready to go.. sun, sand, sea, and beaches!