Wednesday, June 16, 2010

worlds of talent

This isn't a show I watch at all.  But the morning radio show I listen to while driving, was talking about it, and so was the afternoon show.. which made me come home and have a look-see on youtube..

She is in fact the 'precious' star's mother, but this woman has been singing at the NY subway station for two decades. such amazing talent.. it's crazy how all this talent in the world is hidden under rocks.. with many not seeing light at all. when people like this dumb blond is out there milking it.. with what talent?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tooth Fairy of Wisdom

soo.. it's that time of my life, that I keep getting more and more wisdom.. or the lack of.. thanks to the tooth fairy.  Since about two weeks ago one of my supposedly wisdom teeth started giving me nightmares, and kept me up at night.. I couldn't function without being completely drugged.  After a visit to the dentist and another to the specialist, I'm now scheduled to take all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out.  hence all my wisdom will be gone, if I had any..

so the kind of sexy specialist dentist says.. "top two are umm routine extractions, they won't even hurt you as much once the freezing wears off.." but argh the bottom ones.. will hurt baby it will hurt he says.  I might swell like a chipmunk.  I'm shitting bricks here.. scared.. scared shitless. I've never been put out before, for anything, and neither have I had any type of surgery. I really hope the wounds heal and I don't get any whatchamacallit 'dry sockets' and get better soon.. I'm already prescribed with after surgery pain killer and antibiotic type things, and may be I should hit the market and stock up on some pudding and yogurt for post-surgery meals.

ugh I'm literally having nightmares about this..