Friday, January 25, 2008

bubbly buble & fun times..

been busy and had to return my new laptop coz it was not charging and so was defective. had to move back to my good old one and it's too old to do anything on it sigh!

anyways... went to watch buble in concert two weeks back.. the reason I couldn't blog for a while must have been coz I was mesmerized by him! I was never a huge jazz fan.. I listen to anything but the neck-breaking stuff anyways.. so yeah I always wanted to go see this guy. and so i did it was awesome! he was not just a great singer but also a great entertainer..

last weekend was nothing but fun! went across the sea to visit some friends and we had a BLAST.. we did nothing but eat, sleep.. and them trying to get me drunk :D.. me drinking shirley temples and acting as if I had a big girl ST. went to this nepalese(sp?) restaurant, and it was the best food in the world.. it almost tasted a bit like lankan.. just felt divine!
that weekend was just great and classic time with friends.. catching up.. and it just felt great to have that comfort level with people that you met not so long ago..

all will be cherished memories that i'll hold dear..

Monday, January 14, 2008

take care and BS...

I think all of us are used or accustomed to certain good bye clauses/phrases, be it email, texting, chatting or any other means.. a lot of it has been shortened.. tc for take care.. ttyl for talk to u later so on and so forth right..

so recently i was talking to a friend of mine who i've known for a long time and we were just catching up with each others lives on msn and the conversation was wrapping up. I had to go off and so did he. then it was the time for the good byes. I said my good byes with a take care and a budusaranai (a religious phrase - that I'd say only to family and close friends depending on the person and the situation), and gave regards to the family etc. He in turn says take care (tc) and bs, leaving me with nothing but a ?

After a few minutes I figured and he sorta typed (guessing that I was confused) that BS is budusaranai, just that everyone had made it short.. im like wtf?:S?!?!? BS is Bull Shit in my vocab and in many of the people I know but this is new and does not feel right lol.. I got this BS phrase on an email sometime back too in which I ignored for a typo or something like that and never bothered to question about..

Quite interesting and understandable how people have shortened words up for texting purposes and stuff, without realizing that BS is bull shit for a lot of ppl.. if there's no space for something like that in a text msg I'd rather not say it.. anyway that's just my opinion..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a pinch of recreation

since school's done (at least for a while), and it's wintery, I was thinking that I should get into a recreational activity of some sort. One reason is to make better use of my new-found free time, and the other is to be a little fit :S (if that's at all possible), and get rid of some of the unwanted fat forming here and there (too much eating duh!)
so anyway, off I go to the ymca rec centre that's close by to work and only about 15-20min drive from work, got myself a membership card with a smudged and blurry picture :S (they took the picture! not me!). came home with a whole bunch of brochures and leaflets. I think it's a good deal.. Even if it's a little pricier than regular gyms, this place has a fitness centre, pool, sauna & hot tub (great for my bitchy back!), and all the classes held at the centre is also included in the membership fee.

I started with swimming coz i didn't wanna jump into the gym and the whole works and become so sore that I won't be able to wake up for work the next day. Tried to get there before work and get to work after the work out, but that only worked one day. today I was too sore to wake up that early. that resulted in going swimming after work, which wasn't that bad but too many people.

It's been only two days, and i'm still pumped and happy that I finally got a gym membership. May be I'll join one of the on-going classes.. either pilates or yoga or something.. or else I'll just start gyming.. hopefully I wont break into two trying to be hard core and cool! :

we'll see how it goes.. at least it's a start... or else I'll need one of those work-out fairies..

Friday, January 4, 2008

Move in with the New Year

Happy New Year everyone~

I know I'm extremely late in wishing for the new years. Better late than never right? yes!
It feels like almost every year that goes by was shorter than the previous one. We are getting busier by the day and lose track of time i guess eh hmmm..

new year's was great. no huge bash or anything. just a quiet dinner at a downtown restaurant and a glass of wine. just the way I wanted it coz I was moving houses. no resolutions made as such, but the only thing i thought to myself is that I'm not going to buy any clothes for a long while, coz since moving places I threw out a lot of clothes one reason being that I don't wear half of them, and the other being that I have way too many and NO place watsoever to keep them. so no more clothes shopping for me! (let's see how far that goes right?!) About three garbage bags full of clothing are going to the second hand store or charity.

the move went smooth but hell-ish. why do people have to move. i haateee itt!! so fyi please don't move houses and stay where you are =). the old couch I had was too damn big for the little place i moved in and argh we had to throw it away, rather give it to the second hand store, leaving me with no couch!

I'm a victim of spine aches. bad posture? sleeping funny? horrible chair at work? whichever it is spine ache has gotten worse. the heavy lifting with the move, and long days made it worse for sure.

wet and ugly it is around here, and it isnt a down pour rather an annoying 'churu churu' rain. can't wait 'til the sun is more popular!