Monday, November 22, 2010

royal pains

I have mixed feelings about the whole royal engagement story :P

I may be a bit sad now that Will is unavailable.  did i secretly think i had a chance? delusional much? o_O  but hey, KM's no match for Diana imo (like anyone'd care?).
hope that bling isn't cursed in anyway..

As he grew older though, he became less good looking.. but Harry on the other hand, got cuter ha!
I still have a chance there..

on second thoughts, I don't think I want to be related to the HRHs. too pompous for my liking :P.

Friday, November 19, 2010

snowiee white

go away

you white piece of sheet

you weren't due for another month

beautiful out nevertheless..

wear your rubber boots out babies

when I wish I carried my point n shoot with me..

or sit by the fireplace, good book, and a hot chocolate!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Death of an Unknown

I knew you, knew of you
but didn't know you well enough..
never saw you in flesh and blood
but saw your soul within
imperfect you must have been,
but Perfect I knew you as..

today I hear that you are gone
gone forever..
I'm saddened of your departure
speechless for once..

I wish I knew you more, I really do..
vain words they may be now,
but sorry I didn't say hello,
nor wrote two words to see how you were..

thank you for making me smile and laugh
thank you for touching my heart.. n soul
numerous times, with a phone call from seas away..

You my friend, will always be remembered
wrapped in a corner of my heart..

may you Rest In Peace