Tuesday, April 29, 2008


you know the thing about it is, that it doesn't stop for no one.. sitting on my bed with the sound of the laptop fan along with my typing, everything seems to have taken a step back or stopped..



thousands of them.. some faded away and some still at the far corner of your mind within reach.. some you wish faded away and some you wish they didn't.. trying... trying so hard to remember or to forget.. why..

painful they may sound.. cherished they are.. not wishing anything was different.. as life takes you to happy places.. pinching and poking along the way..

Friday, April 18, 2008

farewell dolphin boy

the only deserving survivor this season was voted out last night.. he was almost unbeatable and needless to say he was my favourite.. great eye candy too btw :P
I'm pretty sad.. i kno it's not like i'm winning the million dollars right..
he swam like a dolphin.. and will surely be missed.. wish Ozzy could continue on but oh well..
you know what I was thinking, survivor being very entertaining as it is, it's one of the tv shows that teach people very bad morals like; lying, conning, cheating, misleading, etc..
Ozzy fan signing off...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recreational mishap

After forcing myself to come up with some kind of new year resolution, here I wrote about my step towards a pinch of recreation.. and trying to be fit as some may call.. after very random times a week, i'm still hanging in there in the loop and dragging myself to the rec centre.. regardless of the fact that the fitness-fairy is looking at me or not..

anyhoo.. out of the norms I thought I should go for a swim on a Saturday morning. quite chilly outside but meh, who cares.. I go for a swim.. swim more than I would on a weekday, jump in the hot tub for a little longer than usual as well (rather 8-10mins), and off I go for a shower.. While in the shower I felt light headed but didn't really care. Went to the locker room and start getting dressed.. i start blacking out.. things were becoming unclear and was becoming grey.. I knew it was bad news, I came out of the changing room and dragged myself to the benches near the lockers where more people would hang out.. unconsiously sit/lie down on a bench.. asking some lady for help..


I didn't completely pass out.. I was aware of everything happening around me.. by the time the first-aid girl came running I was getting back to normal.. low blood sugar may be she said?:S and gave me some gatorade sorta drink.. may be I didn't cool off the hot-tub effect.. luckily I didn't have to drive back home..

quite eventful and scary at the same time..

Saturday, April 5, 2008

of the knots

relationships are bitches.. they feel/look good when things are going great, but is freakishly bitter when things fuck up. the most interesting is when parents have a complete opinion on the kid's relationship status.. when single, not just rents but everyone else around them and you have something to say... not that they didn't have an opinion before.. they did even when you were in a relationship. but when single it seems more.. be a marriage broker.. hey my neice's cousin's brother-in-law is single too you know.. and looking.. so who cares..?!?!

i have no interest in gettin married yet and move in to the suburbs or anything of that sort.. just as mother seem to want me to..

I don't think settling down is as bitter as it may sound.. but boy don't they make it feel like it's the last thing you want to do before jumping off a cliff..