Sunday, December 23, 2007

holiday season.. boredom..

it's great to be done with college but at the same time i'm left with nothing to do.. i'm bored outa my mind should i say? few things to do here and there and the big move is coming up too. hate moving with a passion and quite bored since there seems to be no deadlines coming up lol.. i'm too human.. complained enough about having too much to do before, and now not having enough to do.. argh!

hit the library close by and borrowed two books. kept in mind not to go overboard since i'm moving and have to avoid the hassle of having to come back to return the books. it feels so christmassy every where and i'm loving it even though I don't have any big plans. there was a bit of snow yesterday but seems to have melted away leaving slushies (word?) here and there..

the office christmas party was a blast, was great to see everybody so relaxed and friendlier, not to mention happier and merrier thanks to the never ending margaritas, martinis and the likes.. I, as always decided to stick with the food and just finished off with my dessert - a shot of baileys.. free drinks and i had only a single.. pathetic isnt it?

can't wait 'til after christmas.. i can feel some shopping that awaits on the other side. sorta miss the holiday shopping in lanka, however it feels more christmassy here and i prefer to be here for the holiday season. seems like everybody's celebrating it big.. has everybody already forgotten about the tsunami tragedy happened few years back hmmm..

alright time to start reading those books..

Here's wishing everybody a merry christmas and a funfilled holiday season!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What a feeeling...

Yess finally done!! yours truly is finally finished with the four years of agony that she wanted to run away from.. wohoo!.. what a feeling indeed..
well anyways, it's time to start packing and get ready for the move.. hate moving with a passion.. but I think the feeling of being done and accomplishing something is a greater than that hatred towards moving..
time for some baileys baby...!

p.s. : the subject is to be read as how you'd sing the flashdance song

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the end is near...

the title seems a little cliched sorta ohwell.. my blog front's been somewhat quiet since I was extremely busy and the usual frequenting of kottu and other blogs were on a break as well. as the year is coming to an end, four plus years of my college life seems to be coming to an end too.. do i sound sad about it? NOO.. i was waiting 'til this misery ends coz as everybody else I too was swamped with ridiculous assignments, reports and the likes..

the final project is due in less than a week. extremely hyped and excited at the same time peeing in my pants wondering how the hell to present in front of the whole damn faculty... why does only my program has a pre-grad project and others dont.. that's a whole another blog post of why on earth i chose this field.. so it's better left at that...

I think it's time I get some work done but i'm still doing what i'm best at.. procrastinating and watching re-runs of OC.. cute but cheesy..

Saturday, December 1, 2007

nutty professor

no this post is nothing about the movie, in fact I dont even remember what happened in the movie coz it was so long ago..

anyways the professor/academic advisor that I chose for my final project has turned into a crazyhead. He was quite helpful before however I kind of knew that he was so late in replying to any of the emails etc. since he was the best fit for my project I chose him. biggest mistake ever!

In the middle of the semester there was no way I could contact him to see what I was doing wrong and what the strong points were.. I was more interested in hearing where I have to improve etc.. had to send like five emails for him to reply and say sorry I have been busy?!?! wtf man you become an advisor to advise students, and the poor students are looking up to you and expect some kind of guidance to end this damn misery they are in.. you go MIA for a month and a half of the thirteen week semester and that's your best excuse?!!?

now it's almost the end of it he expects me to have everything ready as he had expected? and so now i'm in the hot seat coz he shows me the short comings which he should've showed ages ago and I could've improved and improvised the damn project...

argh why does everything happen to meee.... I'll be glad when this is over..