Monday, March 31, 2008

random quote

I heard...

"when I look at the love that you have for each other despite the things you are going through.. just seems that.. sometimes love just doesn't last the way you hope it will but.. if you get through that pain.. it'll last in ways that are more precious.. "
- Shane of the L word..

Friday, March 21, 2008

life hasn't been..

that interesting nor eventful lately.. didn't really have much to write.. nor did I have the time to get online coz despite the uneventfulness, i've been busy like a bee with everything and nothing..

roomy's away for the long weekend and I have the whole place for myself.. loving it.. feels like the old times when i used to live on my own. Good friday was spent with a friend downtown.. walking about.. greek food (yummoo!).. and shoe shopping.. (flaws flaws).. two girls at a shoe sale.. what more can one expect .. oh well.. good times..

recreation's going on still.. very randomly, even thought i'd like to have a routine, i haven't gotten to that part yet. I will eventually. May be I should start going for a salsa class or something. they are stupid expensive here I think, not that I have looked into any..

my randomness goes on..

Saturday, March 8, 2008

random fb stalkers

title says it all..

are people this desperate to talk to women? as soon as certain things on fb changes, a lot of people esp. male species have a ton and a half to say, to console, and even to make moves..

I should've known better to ignore friend requests from random nutcases..

I don't even know you.. and why are you worried about my life.. so sit on this n rotate!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

paranoid lefty

Even though the world is almost dominated by righties ~ don't gang up on me now :S.. I always thought it's quite cool to be a lefty.. there were numerous times I tried doing a lot of things (except eating) as a lefty.. writing would be the most important, out of all.. however I'm yet to master the craft of left hand writing.. not comparable to my regular writing, however in case of emergency it'd be helpful..

i think it's more of a paranoid-ling in me than the obsession I have towards being a lefty.. I sometimes think 'what if I were to be disabled and not being write from my right hand, and not being able to go about my everyday life without that hand' haha i know i'm weird..

oh I forgot I bat (play cricket - if I ever played) as a left handed batsman.. :D