Monday, November 30, 2009

most wanted?

I guess I mentioned in my earlier post... I changed jobs during the Summer.  long over due and  it was about time that I quit that horrendous previous job of mine that did me no good.. be it mentally, physically, or career-wise.. no ladder to climb upwards or sideways.  i mean don't get me wrong, they were super nice people and helpful etc. etc. but the job was just not satisfying and I was miserable doing it.

after few months of somewhat intense job hunting for my so called perfect dream job (recession was a bitch and still is I suppose) I found a decent job at an extremely decent employer.. and moved house too!  not a huge pay raise or anything but, very self satisfying, with a few perks that comes along with it.

anyhow, so today I emailed my previous co-worker/supervisor to mention something on the news.. and I get a reply within the hour..
"How's the job going for you? Any chance you want to come back here = ) I still have a job for you!!

You really can have your job back, but as better version of your job!"

I guess they really miss me there now dont they.. felt quite special though..

fortunately or unfortunately i had to say.. thank you but no thank you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

life happened.. sort of..

yes i abandoned you again.. i promised not to. i know i did.. way too many things fell on my plate, or rather I made them fall right in to my pots and pans..

I gave it up almost, still i call myself a citizen of my good old sri lanka, but i did give up and become an alien resident of this foreign land. for a better what? yet to see? hmm may be.

every night as i go to bed, i think of you and so much runs through my head to jot down but whilst half dreaming I fall asleep and the routine goes on. changing jobs wasn't helping either. took a majority of my free time.. restricting me to a very minimal, check email go to bed routine. slave of time baby slave of time..