Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend in a Nutshell

weekends I find, are interesting... more often that not I'm left with nothing to do but watch movies and read or stumble upon adventures of unplannedness.  Other times, I have these somewhat planned more eventful ones, which gives me a funked up Monday thinking wtf did I do this weekend. The last one;
  • Awesome Friday night, hanging out with a friend, discovering a new restaurant in an old town.
  • Experimenting new things
  • A drive home in the wee hours; calm and quiet enough highway, all to myself, with a mind of my own
  • Gifts of Champagne and cake for a birthday in the sin city; wish I saw the moment, the face
  • that, ladies and gentlemen is how you make someone feel special
  • myself and the mall, expensive addictions and predictable past times
  • new boots (face palm), meh jeans, and yoga mats
  • afternoon naps, Toy Story 3, and chat with besty
  • showing up in sweats for lunch at family to find out they were having company over, and it was a full blown lunch event. Thanks for the memo!
  • Arguments for the love of Mahinda (no thank you), with some blindly faithful family (i'm embarrassed). Left me Sunday evening with a pissy mood.
  • Listening to mom ranting through skype, while I dress for work.
  • To find out on Monday morning that my friend's r6 just got stolen.
  • at least the recreation awaits
Have a good week!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please and Thank You

Dear mom,

Please stop sending me advertisements of boys, their facebook profiles, or their horoscopes.  I'm not even remotely interested in any of them, and doesn't look like I will be at this point or ever.  Jumping in to the meat packing district is not going to help me right now.  I know you want the best for me and you have the best of intentions.  But please try to understand I'm stuck in two worlds and two cultures and let me figure this out, perhaps on my own.. and may be, just may be I may choose to live a life that that's not so Sri Lankan and I hope you respect that.  I'm utterly sick of having to please everyone around me.

Thank you. and I love you!


Friday, September 17, 2010

to ponder


Every moment you've been happy
was never caused by anyone
but you..

- b.c. on 09/17/2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

wasted tears

too many tears
over you
over us
don't make me
start them all over again
holding on to the
last frail thread
may be, just may be
I don't see yet
it's not worth it

Monday, September 13, 2010

spent all my time waiting

a call, a text
why did you?
make me feel special
when i'm trying hard
to forget you
to leave the memories behind
like you did ..
or i thought you did..
didn't you?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


off 8" of my long locks last Saturday.  one of the craziest things I've done to meself or rather have sean (the bestest hairdresser everr!) do on my hair.

It could be partially self pity and welcoming/unwelcoming the big changes in life, but mostly to remember the best granma in the world, who died of Leukemia, twelve years this October.. the lengths are for the cancer society for a wig. Luckily or unluckily she didn't have to undergo chemo, but there's millions who do, and I sincerely hope that someone would benefit from it, and feel good. Today, it was stamped and addressed to the cancer society, in a ziploc and securely sealed in a bubble wrapped envelope.  Kinda creepy feeling, carrying it around my bag.

dad, who likes it longer, didn't take it so well, but mom made him understand. all of this through skype makes is far more easier.  best friend who didn't know what it was all about initially "eek-ed" the new do, but then I had to pour the reasoning in to that brain too. I can feel that mom doesn't like it either, but meh!  it's not like it's a pixie cut, it's more of a classic long bob. I think it looks alright, big change. but good change. just a lot of getting used to since I personally have never seen my hair this short ever. feels so light.. I thought I'd cry before/during/after.  Didn't shed a single tear, to my surprise..

to change!

Friday, September 3, 2010


I remember the many times all of us friends would make plans and go see the Shakespeare drama competitions thrown by the high schools. it was always a fun day at the wendt to first see the audition rounds and then finding out who's slid to the finals.. and not to mention meeting up and chatting with many of our 'crushes' lol. oh the high school times!!! I wanna be 16 again.

so what I was trying to get at is, apart from all the flirting and mischief, I loved watching the actual dramas.  Quite competitive in their own way, and creative nonetheless.  Julius Caeser i must say was my favourite out of the dramas especially since I love the whole ancient roman, egypt and greek godness going on.. anthony and cleopatra, and mind you the asterix comic books (ya hah!), had me interested in JC.

recently a good friend recommended I watch the tv series Rome, that was aired in 2005-2007 ish. man is it ever good.  The story pretty much revolves around two Roman soldiers in the Roman Republic/JC's time, and closely related to the Julii.. they have spent so much time on the tiniest and most intricate details.. but it's a really good show if you are interested in that stuff. it seems like a huge production where they've spent oodles of money on the sets and costumes and what not. it's a shame that they had to let go of it after two seasons.  perhaps spent too much money! 

Thursday, September 2, 2010


thrown in to the dark..
deserted I am

to take
small steps
towards the crystal clears
I see at the end

or is it yet again
a mirage..

a mirage in my not so perfect iris