Monday, November 5, 2012


Life's passing by so freaking fast.. and I have half a second to breathe.
Super busy weekends, with lotsa planning, and list making.  and school's pushing me against a wall in a very scary way.
an impromptu taco dinner for the boys went swimmingly.  we make a good pair hunny..

trust that you all are doing well.  'til next time!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Summer Blurts

  • Summer TV sucks, I miss House already
  • Ah, I take that back. Suits rock! White Collar rocks even more. check them out..
  • couple of very different weddings. fun times!
  • Weddings are a lot of work, and internet makes it worse.  Living oceans away from where the wedding is taking place doesn't help either!
  • 24-25 Celsius is my happy place, I've decided.
  • Da Vinci is a genius.
  • A walk from one corner of the airport to the other, hand in hand :). discovering things, who knew there was an observation desk.
  • Fifty Shades
  • Cute surprises, and perfect days.
  • a decade goes by...
  • good news on the school front
  • fabulous weather
  • a hindi movie after what feels like ages
  • found my first white gray hair. crappola people! is it all downhill from now?
  • I want to squish Adam Levine. that is all.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fifty Shades

fifty shades of grey.  all 3 books in record time of 1 week.

the book was written so poorly. over repetitive conversations.  poor prose. editorial mistakes that even I was able to identify! typos. certain words used a billion times over and over and over again. free (or paid) publicity for Audi and BlackBerry!  but then again if one needs rich literature there are plethora of options out there, and fifty shades wouldn't be one of them.

 The writing or the story becomes a bit better towards the second book, I guess because then there's more of a story, or so one feels, or the reader just gets used to the crappy writing, plain and simple.  I've never read twilight (nor seen the movies) or a book that's adult oriented, i.e. erotica. So I can't really compare it to them. But i'm sure there's thousands out there and the sex in this book I doubt could be comparable to those of bona-fide erotica writers.  but why is this given so much attention and hype?  what's the fuss about?

He's a beautiful man with a fucked up soul in a perfect world. Is this what all girls want? probably not, but... no woman would run away from soothing and fixing a broken haunted soul, would she? he's so dreamy in the book and no wonder its selling million times over.  that's what women like, they want to be looked after, taken care of, pampered in and out, and loved unconditionally by a hot sexy man.  it does help that he's a gazillionaire who has no reservations when it comes to money, and yes sex!  where he got this money, only god knows..

white linen shirt and a pair of jeans has been my all time favourite for a man. that's what every man should wear.. thankyouverymuch!

 yes it's a far-fetched story, fantasy that takes you away from your real world, and it tugs your heart when reading the emotions.  super unrealistic.  dumber than door knobs at parts.  sex scenes gets boring after a while. and if you look beyond the sex scenes, focus on the simple plot or the lack of, and the heart tugging emotions, and the unconditional love between two people from very different worlds who's trying to make each other happy and find a happy medium is what keep you wanting to read more and keep going. so. flipping. addictive. the relationship in the beginning is all things wrong and you'd want to thump the stupid girl on the head. as the story unwinds you see and feel the chemistry and the electricity between steel and grey, and you become more comfortable with their relationship.  There's a definite infectiousness to the series.

I blushed, giggled, smirked, sighed, awwhed, and oooohed, and laughed out loud.
wanted to rip apart pages for the dumbness, wanted to scream and yell at the stupidness, almost wanted the stupid girl to get a restraining order against the obnoxious, and arrogant creep.

would I have paid for the book? No.

did I enjoy reading them? absolutely, from cover to cover.

it's literal crack, quite enjoyable nonetheless.

could you fall in love with a fictional character?  I suppose you could.

I don't know what everyone cries 'rape' about, all sexual scenes are consensual.

I can't wait til they (the hollywood peeps) cast for the movie.  will it be matt bomer the almost perfect looking christian grey who's actually gay in real life. After seeing the fake movie trailers fans have made, I think bomer would be the guy!

Imma go roll my eyes at my Christian Grey! lol

Laters baby!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blue sapphire

on that lazy Sunday morning,
that smile.. that wave..
spoke a thousand words
hidden behind the shades
wish we caught up
but you ran away, and so did I..
I miss you dearly, still..

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London 2012

  • loved loved the opening ceremony. mr. bean and the flying queen was epic. brits so witty!
  • fantastic concept on the flame/cauldron, just wow. but what were they thinking when they stuck it inside an arena where no one can really take a picture in front of it without a ticket.
  • brought back memories of watching olympics at home, and how much I used to enjoy the ceremonies, the events and all the color. I miss swimming...
  • our own Niluka in the first 16?
  • Phelps at 22 medals!! what a great olympian, and what a proud mama. :)
  • Rockstar Swagger.. really Lochte?
  • shame on you, those disgraceful badminton players who were throwing the games.
  • First double amputee to participate in Olympics.  Historic.
  • How does Bolt make it look so easy, like a walk in the Hyde Park?
  • Misty May and Kerry Walsh, did it again, for the 3rd time!
  • Way to go Dream team, it wouldn't have been complete had you not won the gold.
  • What a tribute to Lennon. Imagine, gave me goosies. 
  • Amazing closing ceremony with the emphasis on British music celebration; Georgy, super models, fatboy slim, Jessie J, Tiao Cruz, Spice Girls!!!!!, former Oasis, bhangra dancers, Queen, One Direction, among many others..
  • what an event, what great athletes.. memories, and emotions. GB you did good..
'til next time...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drunk and Disorderly

The other day as I was pulling in to the drive way around 8pm, mind you it's broad day light at this time of the year, a taxi was sort of in the way dropping off a girl.  She looked attractive, wearing a pretty summer dress, sunglasses, and ugly clogs.  She was stumbling towards the main gate, and as I was pulling in, she turned back and started walking back.  Trying to hold on to a rail or a car or even a tomato vine.  At this point I realized that she was pissed drunk and could barely walk.  As she's walking back towards the taxi cab, a couple of pre-teen boys were coming out of the complex in their bikes, ready to go for a ride on this nice summer day. They must have been probably 10 or 12.

All the while I'm stopped right in front of the gate watching this, and.. then.. the drunken girl does the unthinkable.  She barely makes it to couple of parked cars, walks behind them and lowers herself down in between the parked car and the fence. She wants to pee!!  then gets up again remembering she'd have to take her undies off, then drops her undies to her feet in broad day light, and tries to do her business, i.e. public urination.  The two boys who now saw this, stops whatever they were planning to do on their bikes this evening, and keeps staring at the drunken mess trying to pee in public. and they were scarred for life!

I rolled down my window and asked/yelled at the drunken girl to move away.. :S. I'm not sure if she heard but anyway.. Another girl finally gets out of the taxi cab, and tries to help the intoxicated mess.  I had to move the car before the other vehicles behind me start honking at me wanting to get to the parking lot.. as I was driving towards the gate I saw from the rear view mirror, the two little boys shocked out of their minds, or just enjoying the whole thing.

I don't know if driving away was the best thing I did at that point, may be I should have done something.  Not sure what, but something..

I drove away, embarrassed. embarrassed for the woman kind.

Monday, July 9, 2012


"Someday" is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you..
 - Timothy Ferriss