Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London 2012

  • loved loved the opening ceremony. mr. bean and the flying queen was epic. brits so witty!
  • fantastic concept on the flame/cauldron, just wow. but what were they thinking when they stuck it inside an arena where no one can really take a picture in front of it without a ticket.
  • brought back memories of watching olympics at home, and how much I used to enjoy the ceremonies, the events and all the color. I miss swimming...
  • our own Niluka in the first 16?
  • Phelps at 22 medals!! what a great olympian, and what a proud mama. :)
  • Rockstar Swagger.. really Lochte?
  • shame on you, those disgraceful badminton players who were throwing the games.
  • First double amputee to participate in Olympics.  Historic.
  • How does Bolt make it look so easy, like a walk in the Hyde Park?
  • Misty May and Kerry Walsh, did it again, for the 3rd time!
  • Way to go Dream team, it wouldn't have been complete had you not won the gold.
  • What a tribute to Lennon. Imagine, gave me goosies. 
  • Amazing closing ceremony with the emphasis on British music celebration; Georgy, super models, fatboy slim, Jessie J, Tiao Cruz, Spice Girls!!!!!, former Oasis, bhangra dancers, Queen, One Direction, among many others..
  • what an event, what great athletes.. memories, and emotions. GB you did good..
'til next time...

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