Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drunk and Disorderly

The other day as I was pulling in to the drive way around 8pm, mind you it's broad day light at this time of the year, a taxi was sort of in the way dropping off a girl.  She looked attractive, wearing a pretty summer dress, sunglasses, and ugly clogs.  She was stumbling towards the main gate, and as I was pulling in, she turned back and started walking back.  Trying to hold on to a rail or a car or even a tomato vine.  At this point I realized that she was pissed drunk and could barely walk.  As she's walking back towards the taxi cab, a couple of pre-teen boys were coming out of the complex in their bikes, ready to go for a ride on this nice summer day. They must have been probably 10 or 12.

All the while I'm stopped right in front of the gate watching this, and.. then.. the drunken girl does the unthinkable.  She barely makes it to couple of parked cars, walks behind them and lowers herself down in between the parked car and the fence. She wants to pee!!  then gets up again remembering she'd have to take her undies off, then drops her undies to her feet in broad day light, and tries to do her business, i.e. public urination.  The two boys who now saw this, stops whatever they were planning to do on their bikes this evening, and keeps staring at the drunken mess trying to pee in public. and they were scarred for life!

I rolled down my window and asked/yelled at the drunken girl to move away.. :S. I'm not sure if she heard but anyway.. Another girl finally gets out of the taxi cab, and tries to help the intoxicated mess.  I had to move the car before the other vehicles behind me start honking at me wanting to get to the parking lot.. as I was driving towards the gate I saw from the rear view mirror, the two little boys shocked out of their minds, or just enjoying the whole thing.

I don't know if driving away was the best thing I did at that point, may be I should have done something.  Not sure what, but something..

I drove away, embarrassed. embarrassed for the woman kind.


  1. That is pretty bad manners I would say.

  2. yes it was. pretty sad. i'm not sure why one would drink until one's manners flush out the toilet. sigh..